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Create Unique Car Sharing Experiences—with Mobile Access

Tapkey enables you to offer an outstanding smart mobility solution. Create a car access solution tailored to your individual needs, or use our partner's car sharing box.

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Car Access via Smartphone

Our technology is the ideal access solution for the following car sharing scenarios.

Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing

Free-Floating Car Sharing

Corporate Fleet Management

Car Rental

Go Mobile

Car sharing has never been easier. Thanks to our mobile access technology, you can complement your services with immediate keyless access to vehicles.

Individual Car Access Hardware

Tapkey is specialised in creating smartphone-based access solutions. Use our Lock SDK and PCB to develop new car access hardware that match the requirements of your use case. In addition you can seamlessly integrate our access features into existing software.


Compatible Car Sharing Box

Alternatively we provide a ready-to-use car sharing box from our hardware partner WITTE. The box is suitable for 80% of available cars in Europe and can be installed within minutes (no mechanic needed). Fleet managers, car rental and sharing companies can use it and get to market faster.

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Why End Customers Love Tapkey

No time-consuming handover of physical keys

Automated issuance of digital keys

Central key management for multiple locations

Fully automated tracking of access activities

Add extra services such as car cleaning, parcel delivery to trunk and towing

Combine with further Tapkey-enabled access hardware

Efficient Vehicle Management with Mobile Access

Increase efficiency and provide more convenient car access.
This are the main reasons to work with Tapkey.


Stand out from competitors

Mobility is in the midst of a dramatic change. Achieve a first-mover advantage by providing a low-cost, easy-to-install solution in order to stay competitive.


Focus on core business

We provide the necessary soft- and hardware to create innovative car access solutions. This lets you keep doing what you’re best at, focusing resources on core activities.


Save R&D cost

It would take a lot of money to replicate a mobile access technology that meets the market’s needs. We already have one. Use our sophisticated solution and save costs for R&D.


Generate additional revenue

Tapkey lets you add mobile access and other services to your car sharing solution. Depending on your business model, you might even charge a premium to unlock these extra features.


Provide new services

Easily enable third-party services that complement the car sharing solution, e.g. access to parking, trunk delivery by logistics firms and access to storage lockers.


Extend business portfolio

Our access software comes with a wide range of compatible locks such as cylinders, wall readers, furniture and padlocks. Why not become an affiliate partner?

Success Stories


WITTE is one of the world's leading automotive suppliers for vehicle lock systems. Tapkey’s access software was integrated into their car sharing box, helping you manage your fleet.

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Garmin is a leading worldwide provider of navigation, committed to making superior products for the automotive, aviation and marine markets. We teamed up with Garmin to showcase the ability to unlock a car with a smart watch.

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