Integrate Mobile Access Into Your App

Use Tapkey’s Management API and Mobile SDK to add mobile access to your existing app. From lightweight functionality through full integration, we offer fast and cost-efficient implementation.


Seamless Integration

Tapkey’s interfaces allow the seamless integration of important access functions into your own app. A great way to offer smartphone-based access—for instance as paid add-on service.

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Plug & Play Smart Locks

We want you to focus on your core business. That’s why we provide all Tapkey integrators with compatible and ready-to-use locking products.

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High Security Standards

Tapkey protects customers by applying advanced security techniques, such as authentication via OAuth 2.0, regular updates and much more.

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Mobile Access: The Ultimate Add-On Service

Learn how Tapkey adds value to existing apps via smartphone-based access.

Membership Management

Membership Management

After the initial registration the connected management app automatically issues access permissions to new members (i.e. Coworking Space, Fitness Club).

Property Management

Property Management

Property managers can use the app to easily manage access to shared facilities. They can issue Smartphone Keys not just to renters but also craftsmen—who get access to provide their maintenance or cleaning services.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

By adding access to a fleet management app, employees can reserve, lock and unlock company cars with the same app.

Lightweight vs. Full Integration

Lightweight Integration

Easily connect your app with our standard app. A fast and cost-efficient way to add mobile access to end customers.

Full Integration

Alternatively you may fully integrate the Tapkey unlock experience in your existing app—ideal to maintain brand consistency and homogenous user experience to your users.

Tapkey Technology Stack

Discover the different components of the sophisticated Tapkey platform.

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Success Stories

Full Integration: WITTE Automotive

WITTE Automotive is one of the leading global automotive suppliers for vehicle locking systems. They developed a car sharing box and fully integrated Tapkey’s access software in its fleet management app.

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Lightweight Integration: Conrad Connect

Conrad Connect uses the API to connect with Tapkey. The smart home platform enables users to connect a variety of electronic devices such as Tapkey Smart Locks, Google Home, Amazon echo, Garmin Wearables, Honeywell evohome and many more.

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We have created a detailed documentation. It's available at

If you’re planning to fully integrate the Tapkey mobile-access experience into your app, we would be delighted to help! Simply drop us a line with information about your application. We’ll reply to your request ASAP.

That depends on several factors. Please contact us so we can learn the specifics of your requirements and IT resources.