Let Tapkey empower your products—and your customers.

We’ve made Tapkey incredibly versatile, and astonishingly easy to integrate into your offerings, allowing you to deliver a better and more secure customer experience while boosting your bottom line.

Future-proof through open standards

The Tapkey architecture is completely based on open standards (e.g. ISO14443-4) and works with practically any NFC or BLE device. On the lock hardware side the most popular NFC and BLE chips are supported . Users do not require a dedicated phone, SIM card, or phone number, so the telcos never interfere with your business model.

How it works

Tapkey works with practically any NFC or BLE device, whether it’s a phone, tablet, fob, or smartcard. On the user’s end, it’s an app that acts as a virtual key-ring, where they store house keys, car keys, room keys—all activated by secure digital IDs that they already know and trust, such as those from Facebook, Google, or their hotel or rental-car rewards programs, and which are protected using the same standards they know and trust from banking and credit cards.

On your end, Tapkey easily integrates with, well, everything. On the hardware side, it works with virtually any NFC or BLE lock, and all of the most popular NFC and BLE chips; there’s absolutely no proprietary hardware required. On the software side, it seamlessly integrates with your access-control systems, loyalty programs, and more; in fact, you can add Tapkey functionality to your mobile apps with just a few lines of code.

From there, it’s just amazingly easy to send unique keys to your customers’ Tapkey-empowered devices—or delete them when they’re no longer needed. Tapkey doesn’t require a dedicated phone or phone number. (If the user’s phone is lost or stolen, they can remotely “kill-switch it” from any Internet connection, and just as easily re-activate any new phone.) Users can even get the Tapkey app by simply tapping their phone against a Tapkey-enabled lock, which will wirelessly direct them to the app store from which they can download it.

And once they’ve got a Tapkey key, they simply tap their device against a lock to unlock it. It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s secure. And it’s fun.

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