Is Tapkey secure?

User experience: Since it is so easy to use and no password input is needed with Google ID, Tapkey is very secure from the user side of things.

Technology: Tapkey uses the latest encryption technology typically found in online banking, as well as tokenization mechanisms. Tapkey works with white hat hackers to continually check and advance its security concepts. Tapkey leverages the security features of underlying infrastructure from e.g. Google (2 factor authentication, Google ID) and others to further improve security.

The Tapkey Trust Service and related operational data (excluding external identity provider services e.g. Google ID) is hosted in a highly-protected and scalable server infrastructure within the EU.

Is Tapkey future-safe?

Tapkey-enabled products allow a remote update of the firmware (directly via an owner’s smartphone). This enables to keep lock device firmware securely protected and distribution of new feature for the installed base.

How many keys can I have as a user in my free account?

YES, unlocking doors, cars, boxes and other Tapkey-enabled locking products is always FREE.

People who share access with you (“lock owners”; e.g. home owner, employer, hotel or car rental company,…) can issue an unlimited number of Smartphone Keys for you.

Is the Tapkey app free?

Yes, the Tapkey apps can be downloaded for free.

Lock owners (who manage access) are provided with a powerful set of features for free. Selected premium features and an extended number of smartphone keys are subject to recurring fees.

For further details, please refer to our account model.


Product Usage

Do Tapkey products require direct internet connectivity?

No, Tapkey-enabled products are offline-capable and don’t have to be connected to the internet themselves, making it very easy to install and get started. In other words, you can use Tapkey-enabled products in a mountain chalet or on a yacht without any hassles.

Can I unlock without internet connectivity?

Your keys a locally cached on your phone (7 days per default).

Your keys are automatically refreshed and extended silently in the background as your smartphone has internet connectivity. Usually users do not notice the background refresh process as there is no manual interaction required by the user.

Why should I use Google ID as an authentication method?

As an alternative to registering a dedicated Tapkey ID, you can also use your Google ID to login to the Tapkey App. This delegation of authentication is widely used in many online platform as a secure and convenient way to authenticate with an existing “digital identity”.

When logging in to the Tapkey App on Android you are even suggested with available Google IDs stored on your phone—that’s because you provided your Google ID credentials when initially setting up your Android phone. This is a very secure procedure as you don’t have to re-enter your password (eliminates phishing attacks, or someone looking over your shoulder).

What if I lose/change my phone?

No obstacles: You simply take a new phone (or temporarily borrow your neighbor’s phone), login with your account and immediately have access to your personal keyring again.

In case you lose your phone, we strongly suggest to immediately change the password of all affected accounts (including and especially your Google ID), remotely wipe your phone to destroy all information on the phone. We also strongly recommend to always use appropriate lock screen settings on your phone and use mechanisms e.g. fingerprint, unlock pattern, pin code, or similar.

What if my key fob is lost or stolen?

If you lose your key fob, please contact the lock owner who issued the key fob for you. The lock owner is then able to deactivate the key fob (the lost key fob will be blacklisted on each affected lock device on next unlock with a smartphone on a best effort basis).

If you want to immediately make sure that a blacklisted key fob doesn’t have access any more, just go to the affected lock(s) and use feature “Maintain Lock”. You will see a accurate state whether the blacklist state of the lock device is update-to-date.

I can not receive a key

Please check the following:


  • Is internet connectivity available on your phone?
  • If Yes, are you probably connected to a Wifi which requires some login interaction? (public wifi sometimes requires acceptance of terms of service in the webbrowser etc.)


  • Did the person who granted access to you spell your mail address 100% correctly? (NUMBER 1 CAUSE!)
  • Tricky: “” is not “”
Devices & Technologies

Does Tapkey work with Bluetooth?

Tapkey supports both, NFC and Bluetooth Smart (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy, or “BLE”). Depending on the lock device you can use both communication technologies.

Does Tapkey work with iPhones?

Yes, the Tapkey App is available on the Apple App Store.

Whether you can unlock lock devices with iPhone (via Bluetooth) always depends on the specific lock device (“Does it support BLE?”).

As a smart alternative, iPhone users can be provided with a key fob. In any case: Owners can always manage their locks via iPhone Tapkey App.

Can I use any NFC transponder as a Tapkey key fob?

Tapkey’s NFC key fobs are based on DESfire EV1/EV2 technology. They are individually initialized during the production process to enable state-of-the-art security mechanisms.

You can NOT use other NFC key fobs (transponders, cards, or similar) other than originally offered by Tapkey or one of our product partners.