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WITTE partners sitting on a table. One of them is holding car sharing box in his hands.

WITTE Automotive Increases Equity Participation in Tapkey

For the second time, WITTE Automotive, one of the world's leading automotive suppliers, increases its capital participation in Tapkey. The reason is simple: WITTE believes in the access platform and its integration possibilities

The additional capital will be used to integrate the access software into applications in the fields of connected car, coworking, holiday rental and property management.

Integrate Mobile Access Into Your App

WITTE developed a car sharing box and fully integrated Tapkey's secure access technology into its fleet management app. "With Tapkey, we have been able to offer our customers a consistent brand image and a coherent user experience," says Paul Meier, Director of WITTE Digital. The WITTE WAVE Box offers fleet operators an attractive portfolio of innovative services.

But much more: The software solution can also be integrated into other existing management applications, for example coworking management apps.

Works with Tapkey

Tapkey provides easy plug-and-play connectivity that allows platform partners to become part of the Tapkey ecosystem. "A stronger link with service partners in delivery, carsharing, facility management and homecare is the next logical step," added Gil Hoedl, CEO of Tapkey. With the partners DOM and EMKA, successful products in the door and industrial access sectors are already available on the Tapkey platform.