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When Old Economy Meets New Economy

“Let’s take it to the next level” is the motto of WITTE Automotive, one of the leading global automotive suppliers. They developed a car sharing box, combining traditional and digital locking technology. The Tapkey software was completely integrated in their fleet management app. The result is a satisfied partner with innovative automotive solution.

How does the integration work and what are the advantages of it? Paul Meier, director at WITTE Digital, gives answers.

How would you describe the cooperation with Tapkey?

Things that come to my mind: professional support and quick response time. The collaboration with Tapkey is uncomplicated and smooth. It’s important for us to move things quickly in the market and to be one step ahead of the competition.

What are the advantages of what we call the full integration of Tapkey technology?

The integration allows us to implement our platform concept much faster and more efficiently. We have built our platform on the Tapkey platform. Now we can literally distribute digital keys to our entire platform. This results in a high degree of freedom in how we shape our business model.

How do B2B customers like the car sharing box?

The car sharing box encounters a lot of interest. Customers can provide a fleet vehicle to a colleague at another location spontaneously or offer test drives outside business hours. However, it is clear that digitization is new territory for many of our customers. Business processes often have to be adapted to digitization. Nevertheless, we have already been able to attract customers from different industries.

The partner integration plays an important role. Partners may use our box and Tapkey technology to build and distribute their own products and create new distribution channels.

Flinkey was launched in early September. What role does Tapkey play?

Flinkey is our brand that allows us to enter the B2C market. This is primarily about building a partner landscape. Partners can provide services for our B2C customers and we provide these partners with digital keys for our customers' vehicles. This is possible thanks to the Tapkey technology.

But not only fleet management apps can benefit from the Tapkey software. Coworking and real estate management applications can also choose between lightweight and full integration to add mobile access to their existing apps.