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Agent E swing-handle latch

Tapkey Teams with EMKA on 'Agent E' Access

Tapkey is proud to partner with German-based EMKA, the leading manufacturer of industrial access-securing technologies, to add Tapkey’s smartphone-based functionality to its Agent E swing-handle latch. This innovative application of Tapkey mobile-access technology, ideal for decentralized infrastructures, debuted at Hannover Messe, one of the world’s most influential industrial tradeshows.

A long-awaited answer for a diverse audience

Infrastructure operators ranging from water and electrical utilities to telecom and data providers are continually challenged to provide fast, efficient, safe, and traceable access to a sprawling and far-flung collection of control boxes, power supplies, data-center equipment, and other mission-critical industrial cabinets. This has, historically, translated to high costs, exacerbated by the overwhelming burden of managing countless keys, locks, and people who need access—or no longer should have it—to these critical units. And that’s not the worst part: Even with all this effort, security is less than stellar. One lost or misplaced master key spells disaster.

As easy as using a smartphone

The Agent E Tapkey upgrade allows the proven swing-handle latch to be opened by virtually any modern mobile phone that has a valid, authorized Tapkey key on it—which can be sent to the owner as easily as a text message, and also revoked just as easily, if needed. No Internet connection is required, making it ideal for applications where a cellular signal is spotty or unavailable. The simple upgrade is inexpensive and battery powered—and even the battery will last a long time, since it’s only used for the lock, and not the latch itself.



A hardware-agnostic solution

Because Tapkey is software based, it provides a “smart keychain” that works with Android and iPhone, and can communicate with locks via NFC and Bluetooth; it’s the same technology that Tapkey is using to revolutionize access to everything from office buildings to shared cars to direct-to-trunk delivery. Whoever is in currently charge of managing cabinets, locks, and keys would be in charge of managing their access via Tapkey—only with far more power and far fewer headaches.
Permissions can be assigned to individuals or groups; they can be granted for a limited time with a specific cut-off; they can be “switched on” or “switched off” with a simple software click. And since each physical lock-opening gets logged, security and traceability are ensured. “Tapkey makes the management of traditional physical keys truly archaic by contrast,” notes Tapkey CEO Gilbert Hoedl.

In more advanced scenarios, Tapkey can be integrated into third-party systems, enabling the automation of access permissions via corresponding interfaces such as APIs.

A strong partnership, a promising future

The tried-and-true EMKA Agent E swing-handle latch is the perfect platform for Tapkey enhancement—and increased market penetration. EMKA Head of Business Unit Electronics Martin Grunert enthused: “The integration of Tapkey technology into our electronic locking products allows us to offer completely new product solutions to entirely new market segments. This will open all new doors, both literally and figuratively, for us and our clients.”