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Tapkey Joins OSS Association

We will come straight to the point: Tapkey has officially joined the Open Security Standards Association on August 3rd, 2020. The organisation located in Potsdam, is dedicated to the introduction, development and maintenance of standardisation in safety technology.

The OSS Association is a non-profit organisation. The primary objective is to act as an open industry forum for the promotion and development of global standards for security and access control systems. This includes protocols, components and coding within the security market and the associated security-related hardware and software. One of its first initiatives was to develop the OSS Standard Offlinewhich makes it much easier to integrate offline locks into access control systems. Nevertheless, the standard is to be continuously developed in order to remain state of the art. Tapkey will now also work on this as a Contributing Member

“As a provider of an open Access as a Service platform, we are committed to establishing and implementing industry standards, because this makes it easier for hardware manufacturers and integrators to benefit from our technology. As a contributing member of the OSS Association, we will contribute our longstanding know-how to the OSS standardisation processes. In a rapidly developing technology environment, we strive to help that new standards also meet the requirements of future solutions.” says Markus Minichmayr, Co-CEO and CTO of Tapkey.

More than 50 international companies from the security and access market are currently part of the OSS organisation, including major players such as DOM SecurityAssa Abloy and Uhlmann & Zacher. The OSS enables a permanent exchange between security consultants, specialists and managers from the industry. We’re happy to be part of it!