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Tapkey goes IFA 2018

From 31st August to 5th September 2018, Tapkey was part of Europe's leading consumer electronics and home appliance fair, IFA in Berlin, as partner of Conrad Connect.

Conrad Connect is an IoT platform that enables users to connect intelligent devices and services and automate complex processes as projects. The Tapkey App is connected via a simple interface (API) with the smart living platform of Conrad Connect. This allows smart home solutions to be combined with Tapkey’s access solutions.

Manage access and temperature of a conference room

Tapkey presented an exciting use case for coworking spaces at the partner stand of Conrad Connect. You want to give people access to a conference room and provide an optimal indoor climate at the same time? The combined use of Tapkey Smart Locks, Sensibos Air Conditioner Controlling, Honeywell Radiator Management  and Google Calendar makes it possible!

The use case shows how booking a conference room via the Google Calendar automatically sends an access authorization to the organizer and activates the air conditioning or heating system depending on the temperature. The whole thing works according to the "if this, then that" principle.

Use Case with Conrad Connect for IFA 2018

Here is a concrete example:

You have reserved the conference room "Berlin" on 30th August  2018 at 09:00 a.m. for 1 hour.


Calendar entry "meeting" (30th August 2018 from 09:00 to 10:00 o'clock)


  • an access authorization for the Tapkey Smart Lock will be sent to you for this period of time
  • the Sensibo air conditioning is switched on at 08:45 and switched off again at 10:00 again.

The same scenario works also with the heating system by Honeywell in winter.