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Why Shared Mobility Calls for Mobile Access Control

Mobility is changing; to say the least. New forms of mobility popping up across the globe and car sharing giants merging. Twenty-five years ago, the concept of shared mobility would have been outlandish and would be met with much skepticism. But now it’s in the mainstream.

A study from PWC says that by 2030 more than one in three kilometers driven will be based on one of the many forms of shared driving.¹ With all the changes, many companies and services have come to provide smart and convenient solutions to the modern connected world. And here’s the reason why mobile access control has to be part of it!


Sandra Phillips opened up a discussion of how the future of car sharing hardware will look like. She mentioned that most car sharing vehicles have a card reader attached to the windshield for members to swipe their membership card and enter their vehicle. But today every car sharing provider has its own app to book vehicles and often also to unlock the vehicle. So, why is there still a card reader attached to the windshield? ²

Using your smartphone instead of a card  to unlock the vehicle, is the way to go. The easiest solution would be to allow a third party to develop car sharing functionalities and then integrate them directly into the automakers operating system. WITTE, one of the world's leading automotive suppliers for vehicle lock systems, integrated our access software into their car sharing box for example.

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Greater Security and Convenience

With the expansion of services such as free-floating or peer-to-peer car sharing and scooter sharing, there are more and more alternatives to private vehicles. Mobile Access will improve user convenience in today’s mobile-first world, as well as make your company look modern and professional.

With mobile access control, customers can be offered authorised credentials to a vehicle just as fast as they can lose that authorised access. The renowned mobile key that has become synonymous with mobile access control solutions can provide the fleet’s manager with more control over the customers access to vehicle while also providing them with real-time updates of the use of these keys. 

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