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A Self Storage Solution as Flexible as Its Customers

Storage options for people and businesses are limited in Vienna. There’s not much space in the inner city, and traditional self-storage facilities only offer limited hours of access—using keys that can be easily lost, stolen, or duplicated

Fortunately, all of those problems are ancient history at Viennese startup, and its revolutionary Storebox rental units. That’s because they tap the power of Tapkey: All Storebox units are secured via Tapkey-enabled locks, which means there are no physical keys. Instead, there are virtual keys, which reside on the customer’s smartphone, sent to them from, via its website or its app, when the customer rents. It’s the first fully digitized smart-storage solution in all of Europe.

“With Tapkey, both the customer and save time and effort,” notes Johannes Braith, one of’s founders. “There’s no physical transfer of keys. Customers can access their storage units any time of day, seven days a week. All they do is tap their phone on the lock! It’s convenient and fun—and clearly sets apart from its competitors.”

Tapkey also helps from a business angle. The company gets an accurate record of all unlocking events and can withdraw access remotely, if necessary. “That’s a real advantage to us,” adds Braith.

Tapkey CEO Gilbert Hödl concurs: “The days of physical keys—and the expense of locksmith intervention when they’re lost or stolen—are all part of the past with Tapkey. We’re proud to help with its breakthrough business model.”

With Storeboxes ranging from one to five cubic meters in capacity, has safe and convenient options for everyone, whether they’re storing sports equipment, furniture, vehicles, tires, moving boxes, or pretty much anything. currently offers Storeboxes at two locations (in Augarten and Reindorfgasse), although more locations will undoubtedly be added as the business continues to succeed.