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Lightweight vs. Seamless Integration

Lightweight vs. Seamless Integration

We have put a lot of effort and money into our open platform for mobile access control. As a platform provider for mobile digital access, Tapkey not only targets manufacturers of smart locks or other smart devices. We reach out to vertical industry solution providers in growth markets such as bike sharing, property management or car sharing, who want to upgrade their solution with integrated mobile access control. 

By using our Management API and Mobile SDK, it’s possible to offer keyless access as a valuable feature. We don’t think you should have to be a rocket scientist to get the feature up and running. That’s why we’ve created very detailed documentation. No matter if you’re in the property management, self storage, bike sharing or car sharing industry: Tapkey helps you unleash the power of mobile access. When speaking about integrating with applications or infrastructure, we differentiate between these two possibilities: lightweight and  seamless integration. Depending on your business requirements, you need to choose the right integration option for you.

Lightweight Integration

Let’s start right away: Lightweight integration is the process where a new feature, in this case our unlock feature, is added into an existing system without resulting in any discernible errors. It’s a fast and cost-efficient way of connecting our access feature with another software system, using the Management API.  The Management API can be used to add smart access to any third-party applications or to extract data from Tapkey for further processing or analysis. Companies can expand their features with mobile access controlwith little effort and offer this solution to their customers. This way, Tapkey becomes  part of their solution. This will empower your customers to issue digital keys directly via your services while using the existing Tapkey app to register, update and open smart locks.

Outwardly it’s evident that Tapkey is integrated into the system. Such companies often have a section called “integrations'', where they highlight additional features. Companies that have already integrated Tapkey are Cobot, Conrad Connect or Locaboo integrated with Tapkeys—just to name a few. Locaboo, a modern software solution, integrated Tapkey into its booking system, enabling customers to access rooms without a key

Seamless Integration 

The other option is  seamless Integration. What does that mean? Seamless integration is the process where a new feature, in this case our mobile access technology, is implemented into an existing system without resulting in any discernible errors or a user experience gap. In order to integrate Tapkey seamlessly, both our Management API and Mobile SDK are needed. The Mobile SDK allows you to build native Android or iOS applications that incorporate Tapkey technology. This means that your users can access doors, cars, furniture and much more directly from their mobile device–without leaving your app.

In other words, there is no outward indication that Tapkey is being used. The whole unlock experience is embedded into your existing mobile application. Customers can manage and operate all digital locks right away. Whatever change is applied to a system, it happens without any negative impact resulting from the integration. It’s the ideal way to maintain brand uniformity and a consistent user experience. A company that has already grasped the benefits of seamless integration is WITTE Digital. Tapkey was integrated into their car sharing box and their flinkey app.

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