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Smartphone held in front of a Picard Diamant® door

Diamant® Doors Equipped with Picard Tapkey Locks

Picard  Serrures is a subsidiary of the DOM Security Group und distributes security doors. Guess what! Their armored doors are now provided with Picard Tapkey Locks. You can now unlock the door without contact by simply approaching the lock.

This solution combines proven mechanics and intelligent electronics to ensure the safety and optimal protection of homes. Picard Serrures proposes the Picard Tapkey cylinder on following armored doors of the brand:

  • Diamant® 2, Diamant® EI30, Diamant® Tierce and Diamant® 2 leaf doors,
  • Diamant® Luminance and Diamant® Sérénité pavilions.

Thanks to its IP65 protection against dusts and water jets, the system is suitable for outdoor use also.

A Practical and Easy-To-Use Solution

After downloading the Tapkey App on your smartphone and logging in with your login credentials, all you need to do is put your mobile phone on the connected cylinder to unlock the door. The Tapkey App activates the lock of the Diamant® door via NFC of the smartphone. The Tapkey system makes it possible to manage simply access permissions to your home. Once connected to his account, the administrator can issue virtual keys to other users temporarily. Very practical for short-term rental for example!

Reliable and Flexible Technology for Optimum Security

For even more safety and protection, the system relies on a particularly reliable and flexible technology. The data navigating between the app and the device are, in particular, fully encrypted. The access rights of a user can be, for their part, quickly deactivated. In case of the theft, loss or malfunction of the smartphone, the access rights can again be deactivated with the Google-Account or from the Tapkey-Account of the administrator.