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How Car Sharing Business Models Evolve with Mobile Access

Mobility is undergoing an exciting change. The automation of vehicles is progressing. It’s changing not only the vehicle design but also the way we interact with them. Car sharing operators are developing innovative business models to meet changing mobility needs. Mobile access is playing an increasingly important role here. We will tell you how smartphone-based vehicle access can expand the corporate concept of car sharing providers.

Car Keys as an Obsolescent Model

Experts are sure: The car key is a thing of the past. This is also confirmed by a recent  representative survey on behalf of Bosch. * This survey shows that around 40 percent of respondents could already imagine replacing car keys with a smartphone app. Especially drivers below the age of 40 have had negative experiences with conventional car keys. For example, they don’t know where to put their keys (45 percent of respondents), e.g., when at the swimming pool, they misplace them and take ages to find them again (44 percent), while some have even lost them altogether (38 percent).

Smartphone-based access is a safe and reliable solution for connected services in the automotive industry. The advantages are obvious:

  • Lost keys can be avoided, since fewer people lose their smartphones
  • You can grant access to other people without needing extra keys
  • App-based vehicle access allows fleets to secure all vehicles at the same time

Fleet managers and car sharing providers don’t need to worry about tedious key handovers. They can flexibly grant access authorisations to another person. True to the motto: share vehicles with just one click.

Tapkey Offers Retrofit

Together with WITTE, we have developed a secure car sharing box which is positioned in the car. You register your box with the app and put your car key in the box and the box in the vehicle. It is currently the only retrofittable digital car key solution on the market.

Thanks to our access technology, car sharing providers can complement their mobile app with instant keyless access to vehicles. Older cars can also be equipped with a modern access solution. Retrofit deluxeinexpensive and easy to install by yourself. No car workshop necessary! Car rental companies, peer-to-peer and free-floating car sharing companies can use our existing hardwareindependent of car brandsand serve the market faster.

Step by Step into a Connected World

Disrupt or be disruptedmany companies are confronted with this mantra today. Existing business models will be used for a new industry, a new product or a new service to stay competitive in the marketplace. New technologies have also changed customer behavior in the area of ​​car sharing. This change also enables models that meet these needs.

Delivery to the trunk

For example, a fee may be charged to unlock the "access" feature. With the car sharing box, companies can also enable third-party services that complement their own solution. Think of it: Service providers may be granted access to the vehicles, for example car cleaning. Or how about trunk delivery by logistics firms? The open API of Tapkey enables car sharing companies to take a big step towards connected world.

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*On behalf of Bosch, the market research institute PULS surveyed 1,046 German drivers between the ages of 18 and 69 in the period January 11–18, 2019. Learn more here: