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Developers at the Bosch Connectory Hackathon 2019

Bosch Connectory Hackathon 2019

What a great hackathon! From 4th to 6th of September 2019, around 30 developers got down to work in teams to tackle various hack challenges. They faced the challenge of finding and implementing use cases around the internet of things, distributed ledger technology, cryptocurrencies and more in only three days.

The magic happened at the Stuttgarter Connectory and was organised by Bosch. The Connectory brings together startups, corporations, students and showcases new Bosch products, services and business models for the internet of things. Hence, it’s the perfect place to be inspired by innovation. Developers chose between eight challenges and one of them included Tapkey’s access technology in combination with meeting room payment. What’s it all about? 

First of all, Tapkey provided the Stuttgarter Connectory with DOM Tapkey smart locks that were installed in the meeting rooms upfront. The main goal was to give the meeting rooms an own wallet and integrate Tapkey’s API into that wallet in order to unlock and lock the meeting rooms. As soon as you unlock the room with the app, you pay BoschCoins (via micro payments) until you leave the room and lock it again. You can also book the meeting room in advance for a predefined time (cheaper rate) but if you overstay, you have to pay a penalty.

The developers sat together for hours and hours, got creative, sometimes also a little bit desperate, but in the end it was all worth it. The documentation of the Management API and Mobile SDK helped the developers to do an amazing job. Even if questions popped up, our development team helped out as quickly as possible via email. Meeting room payment with BoschCoins meets smartphone-based accessthese guys made it possible. Thumbs up! 👍