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Access Control After COVID-19

The coronavirus changed the way we work, travel and live. In a time of so much uncertainty, it has become clear that it has never been more important to control what you can and take preventive measures to ensure health and safety. Nevertheless, we are reading lots of articles how innovation happens in and after a time of crisis. We believe that the access control industry has the opportunity to do the same. Our hardware simulator is just an example of an innovative tool and shows how companies can deal with such difficult times. For instance, we have seen the acceptance and ability to “work from home” to discussions in and around frictionless/touchless access control. Yes, the physical access control industry is in the midst of a phase change. 

Lee Odess mentioned in an interview four trends that will shape the future of access control. One of it includes health as a primary focus of the security industry. As the world begins to normalise again, organisations need to be prepared for a shift in what will be expected as acceptable when it comes to safety and security. Health and hygiene will take much higher priority. Up till now, the access control industry did not have a “health story”. But now, people do not want to grab a door handle or touch a door knob. They do not want to have to be on-site and hand out keys and grant access to offices and buildings physically. Companies in this field need to write their own story or someone externally will do it. In our opinion, COVID-19 is a good time to consider updating the access control to a more modern, future-proofed system. At Tapkey we built an open platform for mobile access around prioritising the experience and the protection of the user. This enables a remote workforce and prevent the spread of harmful germs in commercial properties. 

Besides the health aspect, the access control industry will also have to face the fact that access control and lock companies are becoming an important feature for smart building or apartment software companies and not the other way aroundspeaking of access control as a feature. End users are looking for more value beyond just safety. Access control value increases when it is integrated into other systems like HR, CRM or tenant experience. It will be an Access Control as a Feature (ACaaF) of a much larger value proposition. 

“We will see access control more as a feature than a stand-alone industry”, says Lee Odess, founder of Inside Access Control.