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4 Trends Shaping the Security Industry

We live in the securest of all times and at the same time we have never sought security as much as we do today. Not surprising that the speed in the security industry is steadily increasing. Taking place from 26 to 27 June in Munich, the SicherheitsExpo is the gathering place for high-level security professionals.

Tapkey will also be at the trade fair for access control, fire protection, IT security and video surveillance. We will test the latest innovative security solutions. We want to show you which common themes dominate the security market 2019.


Everything is Connected

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a major trend for the past years in many industries and will keep transforming our personal and professional livesfrom smart gadgets to large-scale industrial and smart city solutions. Buildings and cities with connected systems are able to automatically respond and even anticipate the needs of facility users or citizens.

The trends will continue towards integrating sensors of all kinds into the network. Data is coming from everywhere and the collected information will be helpful in managing intelligent buildings and smart cities. Bosch presented for example a prototype of an intelligent charging station, with which vehicles negotiate the price in real time at Bosch Connected World 2019.

Off to the Cloud

One of the biggest trends is the increased use of cloud services and mobile devices. Especially the ability to access security devices through a smartphone is getting more relevant. This demonstrates the world’s demand for mobility, connectivity and ease-of-use. Looks like Tapkey keeps its fingers on the pulse. Nevertheless, also edge computing is getting more and more into focus. It’s putting data processing closer to where the data is collected by a video camera for example.

Focus on Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity regulations are becoming the norm as governments enact laws to hold businesses more accountable. The implementation of the EU’ General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has left everyone in no doubt that cybersecurity is a priority in our digitally connected landscape. Of course, there is no such thing as 100% cyber-secure. To combat this threat, cyber security must be prioritised. This trends calls for continual process improvement and investment in security operation centres. That’s why IT and security directors will re-evaluate their security technology partners to meet new standards. Installers and integrators must ensure systems that are deployed are done so in the most secure manner possible.

Artificial Intelligence: More Than a Buzzword

Progress in AI differs from industry to industry. Data science and machine learning are starting to deliver real-world results. For example, some products have been improved to detect cyber attacks with the help of AI, like DarkTrace. But there are more use cases: AI is also increasingly used to deploy smart video analytics tools. We predict that the use of such technology will definitely increase. 

Take a deeper dive into the future of security at the SecurityExpo 2019

More and more companies are realising that a broader product and service portfolio is the key to growth. For this, acquisitions can be a faster option than own developments. The demand for intuitive interfaces is huge. That’s why Tapkey offers an open API to make integrations of mobile access easier. Our CEO, Gilbert Hödl will talk about our mobile access solution on the first day at the exhibition (26 June) at 12:00 a.m. He will explain how lock manufacturers can make the leap into the digital world and learn why this is the right time to integrate with IoT. Furthermore you can learn how to use mobile access to develop your business model.

What are you waiting for? Visit us on the Security Expo Munich in hall 2, stand L19. You get a free e-ticket with our promotion code SEC19-L19.

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Banner SecurityExpo Munich

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