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Press Releases

WITTE Automotive invests in the startup Tapkey

Strategic share seen as a major step towards a digital future

Vienna, Velbert, May, 05 2017—WITTE Automotive (Velbert), one of the leading global automotive suppliers for vehicle locking systems, is taking a share in the Vienna- based startup Tapkey, the innovative developer of mobile access software.

The aim of the share is to develop new fields of business and accelerate innovation for the fast-growing digital access market segment. "Tapkey technology permits fast, simple and cost-effective integration of smartphone-based access with car sharing, connected car and fleet management services," explains Gilbert Hoedl, CEO of Tapkey GmbH.

"This is just the very beginning of an exciting journey and we are starting with the automotive world," explains Christian Kaczmarczyk, Managing Director of WITTE Automotive. "WITTE's strategic share in Tapkey represents the door to other markets – and we know how to open doors!" Tapkey will use this increase in capital to develop further innovations and open up new fields of business. The aim is to broaden the presence of the open Tapkey access platform, for instance with cars, doors and delivery boxes.

"Ultimately Tapkey technology transforms a smartphone into a digital key ring, which can essentially be used to operate all everyday items that can be locked," explains Gilbert Hoedl in a nutshell. For WITTE, having a share in a young, dynamic and extremely innovative company, like Tapkey, represents a major advance in digital technologies for secure locking systems—both in and outside the automotive industry.

WITTE Digital is the locking system specialist's newest division, which offers totally innovative vehicle access with its first product, the WAVE system. This represents a jointly developed system, in which traditional locking technology is equipped with Tapkey's digital technology and is already being tested by a number of customers. "The launch of WAVE is imminent," explains Christian Kaczmarczyk, emphasizing the next milestone. "And we are already looking forward to the many forthcoming innovations that we will jointly develop and launch.

About WITTE Automotive 
WITTE Automotive—convincing concepts for the automotive world! WITTE Automotive has stood out for many decades on account of its creative and innovative locking and latching technology solutions and has thus grown to become a global corporation. Today WITTE Automotive is among the technological leaders in the field of mechatronic locking systems, and continuously invests in the development of innovative system solutions for doors, hoods and tailgates, interiors and seats. The results of its engineering work are the most sophisticated products that combine mechanics, electrics, and electronics in a unique way and are to be found in all well-known automotive brands. 

In addition to the four sites in Germany, WITTE Automotive has subsidiaries throughout Europe in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and in Sweden. Witte Automotive has a global presence in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, India, China, Japan and Korea as part of VAST, the Vehicle Access Systems Technology Alliance. 

About Tapkey 
Tapkey GmbH is dedicated to the creation and proliferation of secure mobile access in a digitally connected world. The company’s signature Tapkey solution uses patented technology to transform smart phones into smart keys, making it easy for end users and channel partners alike to take advantage of this liberating technology. Find more information here: 

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